Sudbury: Town looking for new traders in a bid to liven up weekly markets

Sudbury boasts one of the county's longest running markets

Sudbury boasts one of the county's longest running markets - Credit: Archant

Moves are being made to spruce up a long standing twice-weekly market in an historic west Suffolk town.

Sudbury boasts one of the county’s longest running markets, which is held every Thursday and Saturday.

But while the Thursday event continues to thrive, the number of stall holders attending on Saturdays varies and there have been complaints that it looks untidy.

Town councillor Jane Osborne said she had received comments that the market was looking “shabby” and needed livening up.

There have also been complaints that some stall holders leave their trailers and vehicles on the market place while trading.

Mark Wilde, who manages the markets for the town council, said attendance was often governed by the weather.

He said: “With health and safety the way it is, in bad weather traders won’t risk it.

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“The Thursday market is doing well but Saturday is more difficult because we have competition from a lot of other markets.

“We have lost some of the regular traders but we are only a small town and there is not enough footfall so if they are not making money, they will not come.”

Darren Old, chairman of the Bury St Edmunds branch of the National Market Traders Federation, said Bury market was doing well and that the dynamics had changed over the years

He added: “Bury was always known as a produce market but we are far from being just a produce market now. A lot of firms see us as a place to sell their services.”

Sudbury Town Council is now considering offering a ‘pop up’ stall for a three month period to entrepreneurs or craft workers looking to get into market trading.

Mr Wilde added: “Market trading is a dying art and there are not enough new people wanting to get into it. But if you want to try out a new business, it’s the ideal way.”

Anyone interested can call Sudbury Town Council on 01787 372331.