Sudbury: Vandals target town hall

A TOWN clerk is demanding the vandal who shattered a window leaving her office showered with shards of broken glass should pay for the damage.

Luckily no-one was in the office at the time of the incident, but Sue Brotherwood, Sudbury’s town clerk, said a staff member had left the office just moments before both the window and safety glass were smashed.

Mrs Brotherwood said: “I was on holiday at the time and the vice-clerk was working in my office. She had only just walked out of the room when the office was showered with broken glass. It was extremely lucky that no-one was there at the time.”

According to witnesses, a teenager got off his motorbike outside the office and was seen kicking a football at the window, which then smashed.

“I feel the person should be made to pay for the damage otherwise it will cost the town’s taxpayers about �1,000 to replace. I don’t see why they should have to pay for this sort of behaviour,” she said.

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Just two days after the incident last Monday, the clerk’s office was attacked for a second time when a large lump of dough was hurled through another window.

Mrs Brotherwood said: “We were beginning to wonder if there was a vendetta going on. I don’t know who or why someone would be out on the streets with a large lump of dough or why they would decide to throw it at the town hall.”

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A spokesman from Suffolk police said they were still making inquiries into the first incident, but could not comment at this stage on anyone suspected of the vandalism.

She said: “The complainant can say how they want the matter dealt with and a community resolution can be sought in cases like this.”

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