Charity without a home writes a Christmas list...of thanks

The Jetty Lane Trustees

The Jetty Lane Trustees: Carl Stickley, Caroline Rutherford (chair), Sue Gray, Cordelia Richman and Olivia Snowden - Credit: Jetty Lane

A Woodbridge-based charity that is working towards building a new community, arts and youth centre has shared its thanks to all of the people who have generously supported them this year.

Jetty Lane hopes to meet the social, cultural, and wellness needs of the local population by creating a purpose-built centre, but they need to raise £3.5million.

The charity knows they face a particular challenge with the centre not existing yet, trustee Cordelia Richman said: "We know it's a big ask for people to give their time and money to us when there are so many other worthwhile causes out there.

"The volunteers and organisations who go out of their way to help us can see that we are building a legacy for the future. They deserve a special thanks."

Below the charity have thanked everyone who has helped them out this year.


- Barker Gotelee Solicitors - Sam Read for keeping going with a tortuous problem

Most Read

- Browsers Bookshop for donating an encyclopaedia as a gift to a school on our behalf

- Community Action Suffolk - so many of you for different reasons: Angela, Bethany, Bryony, Deborah, Faye, Janet. Thank you very much indeed for advice and guidance

- Container Projects - May, Emily and Alice for being great tenants and bringing art to Jetty Lane.

- Deben View - Tracey Varley and everyone who lives there for being good neighbours

- East Anglian Daily Times - Katy Sandalls and Matthew Earth for featuring the charity

- East of England Co-op Community Support - Lynn Warner for vouchers for our Work Day in July

- East Suffolk Council - Morag McInnes for fundraising advice and ideas

- Farlingaye School - Vicky Stuart and Rebecca Johnson for a wonderful Work Day on site in July. Tracey Hetherington for taking on our art project as well as all the pupils who participated

- Greenprint Forum and Nature First Small Grants Scheme - Daniel Wareing for the grant.

- Hollesley Primary School - ALL the children and teachers involved in entering our postcard competition and sending in so many colourful and beautiful images.

- In Touch magazine - Sharon Jenkins for printing Jetty Lane news and photos

- Ipswich and Suffolk Small Business Association for making us their Charity of the Year again

- Just42 Trustees and staff for being the first and foremost to see the potential in Jetty Lane, for sticking with us and for providing us with our lovely chair

- Kyson Bingo Club - Margaret, Janet and Joan for the donation

- Living in Suffolk Coastal - Angela Hagen for extra advertising

- NALEP - Iain for fundraising advice

- Ostara Wellbeing - Vicki and Rachel for being great tenants and for coping so well with a break-in

- Radio Suffolk’s John Wright for interviewing Olivia Snowden

- St Mary’s Primary School - Mrs Read, Mrs Clark and ALL the pupils who entered our postcard competition, for sending us so many diverse paintings of the church

- Suffolk County Council - for giving us permission to be there

- Suffolk Restart for the grant

- The Riverside Musical Theatre Company - Mike Warden, Samantha de Vita and company members for the bucket collection after a wonderful concert.

- Transition Woodbridge - Jane, Deb, Carol and Pam for the wild patches

- Waldringfield Primary School - All the children and teachers involved in entering our postcard competition and sending in some striking and talented work

- Woodbridge Arts Society for the donation to Jetty Lane Friends

- Woodbridge Christmas Arts Market for giving us a stall

- Woodbridge Emporium for donating books for schools on our behalf.

- Woodbridge Library - Helen and all staff for allowing us to have our display there for several weeks and for lending a table.

- Woodbridge Talk magazine - Louise Gissing for featuring Jetty Lane fundraising.

- Woodbridge 41 Club for stocking our postcards in their Christmas Card Shop on The Thoroughfare.


- Alan Swerdlow and Jeremy Greenwood for the donation and cakes

- Ashley Meyer for buying lunch for so many, running a stall, shaking a bucket, delivering cards and countless other things

- Caera for painting pebbles and selling them to raise £100 for Jetty Lane

- Carl’s brother for dealing with poplar saplings

- Caroline Page, the Suffolk County Councillor who stood down from the charity this year. She is our Founder and has ensured that our foundations are solid. This year we have been delighted to receive £565 from Caroline’s birthday fundraiser via PayPal Giving Fund

- Charlie Leeder for displaying the postcards at Woodbridge Library so beautifully

- Charmian Berry for being there at all the right times and taking lovely photos, for giving a photography class and for fundraising too

- Chris Blight for advice and guidance on fundraising and for having an eagle eye for small print

- Chris Rowbury for taking on the website project

- Eric Reynolds for invaluable support and for providing ideas

- Eva Garayalde for playing the fiddle at a Friends event at Deben View

- Hazel Glassock for the donation and for nominating Jetty Lane to receive a donation from Yorkshire Building Society’s Pennies into Pounds Scheme

- Ian Chance for a master class in fundraising

- Joeske and Rachel van Walsum for taking an interest and making connections

- Kieran for helping to run the cake stall

- Lindi Carrington for the art class, judging postcards and for giving good advice

- Louise Newton for keeping an eye on the money

- Lucy Keany for working on our arts strategy

- Maisie Snowden for cake baking

- May Cornet for judging postcards and for cups of tea

- Maxine and Heather Webster for judging postcards and suggesting connections

- Mike Warden for cake baking and for being a great source of knowledge

- Pam and Dudley Watson for litter picking on site and wildflower sowing

- Rachel Creyke for being on the Friends committee, for the logo and for writing documents

- Ray Travasso for taking an interest and offering to help

- Robert Aldous for making connections

- Samantha Barnes for judging our postcard competition

- Sandy Greenard for judging our postcard competition

- Scott Mortimer for design and layout and for always responding quickly and kindly

- Sue Bale, the Mayor of Woodbridge, for attending events and meetings

- Susie Mendelsson for drawings, cut-outs and colour

- Sylvia Izzard for making a donation, organising fiddle playing at Deben View and for spreading the word

- Tony Farrell for patio building with Farlingaye pupils

- Tony Segaller for the donation

- Our nearest and dearest for their on-going support and encouragement. You know who you are. We couldn’t do this without you

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