Suffolk: “Chihuahua of Doom” stalks the council chamber

The Chihuahua of Doom stalks Suffolk!

The Chihuahua of Doom stalks Suffolk! - Credit: Archant

UKIP councillors in Suffolk have launched an attack on the council’s ambition to become “The Greenest County” – despite attempts to attract thousands of environmental energy jobs to the county’s coast.

The UKIP group at the county council had tabled a motion urging the Conservative-controlled administration to back Labour leader Ed Miliband’s pledge to freeze energy prices.

The opposition Labour group supported this – there was no mention of green energy in the motion – but UKIP councillor Julian Flood launched into an attack on Suffolk’s aspiration to be the Greenest County.

He likened Suffolk’s contribution to the global carbon dioxide rise as making a difference in temperature equal to that you would find about seven inches off ground level – the height of a chihuahua dog.

“The Chihuahua of Doom is leading to 50 to 75 deaths a week,” Mr Flood told a bemused council chamber – linking the cost of “green taxes” to reports that people unable to pay their bills were dying from hypothermia.

He even produced a cartoon to illustrate the terror!

Mr Flood said the country would be better off if coal fired power stations, like the recently closed one at Didcot in Oxfordshire, returned to service to meet energy needs.

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Labour leader Sandy Martin said his group was supporting the motion because it simply pledged the council to support Ed Miliband’s price pledge.

He said this could be achieved by introducing more green energy – an industry that is becoming increasingly important in the Lowestoft area.

And he added: “Why are they (UKIP) so determined to rubbish all evidence of Global Warming, evidence which is now so overwhelming you only need to look at satellite pictures of the poles and you can see it happening before your very eyes?

“Is it because they know that people will only ever vote for them on completely irrational grounds, and so they are determined to banish all forms of rational thought from the political process?”

The Conservative administration and the Liberal Democrats both opposed the motion – although not without having some fun at UKIP’s expense.

“The Chihuahua of Doom” seems set to stalk the corridors of Endeavour House for some months to come!