Suffolk: Company fined issued for illegal fuel use

A SUFFOLK company is counting the cost after paying more than �4,000 in fines and duty after its tankers were found to be running illegally on kerosene.

Seven of the vehicles belonging to the business were discovered to contain the fuel after HM Revenue and Customs officers checked their contents.

The incident happened on Monday afternoon in the Woodbridge area when officers from the road fuel unit tested a tanker parked in a lay-by.

It was found to be running illegally on kerosene, a fuel usually used as heating oil.

Eight other tankers were tested at the business address, resulting in six of them also found to be running on kerosene.

The vehicles were seized but restored after fines and duty totalling �4,154 were paid.

Customs officers have declined to name the company involved.

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Rebated fuels, such as red diesel and kerosene carry a lower rate of duty than diesel. Using fuels such as these in road vehicles on the public road is illegal.

Maddy Ratnett, a spokeswoman for HM Revenue & Customs said: “HMRC takes the illegal use of rebated fuel and tax loss seriously and will not hesitate to investigate those suspected of involvement.

“We have teams working across the country. Anyone found to be using rebated fuels in their road vehicles will have them seized and the owner will be subject to other sanctions.

“Anyone with information about individuals or businesses who may be involved in the use of illicit fuel should call our hotline on 0800 788887 or use the website”