A crowbar, earplugs and a spit hood...What items do officers carry in a police car?

Suffolk Constabulary made three arreasts in town yesterday for drug related offences Picture: LUCY T

Suffolk Constabulary made three arreasts in town yesterday for drug related offences Picture: LUCY TAYLOR

To the casual observer, it looks like any other Ford motor car - albeit with flashing blue lights and a distinctive bright livery.


But inside this well-equipped police response vehicle is everything an officer might need to deal with a breaking incident, disturbance or unfolding crime.

Suffolk Constabulary’s Ipswich East safer neighbourhood team revealed just some of the items they carry in their response vehicles when they Tweeted a copy of the inventory they use to check their vehicles fully stocked with everything they need.

Many of the items are what you would expect - police scene tape for cordoning off crime scenes, red and white cones for closing off roads in the event of an accident and a scene log for recording details of what happened during an incident.

Others though are perhaps more surprising - officers for example carry escape hoods for protection against smoke and gases and also have hard hats, safety glasses and earplugs to give them extra protection in certain situations.


Picture: EDMUND CROSTHWAITE - Credit: Archant

There is also a saw, shovel and a broom along with a safety knife, emergency hammer and bolt croppers.

PCs also carry a spit mask to put over offenders they are restraining who might spit on them and they also have a fire extinguisher, heavy duty gloves and goggles.

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There is also a tin foil space blanket to drape over those who may need to kept warm in emergencies, smart water torch for searching rivers and lakes and a knife container for any blades found.

The smaller items on the inventory, which also include dog spray and a hand swab kit, are stored away in a small bag inside the vehicle to make it quicker for police to do regular checks.

The full list includes:

? Accident panels x2

? Arrow panels x2

? Slow panels x2

? Road closed panels x2

? Sign stands x2

? Red and white cones x5

? Blue flashing lamps x4

? Fire extinguisher x1

? Saw x1

? Shovel x1

? Broom x1

? Sealed first aid kit x1

? Map book x1

? Draeger breathalyser x1

? Sat nav x1

? Pegs for SOCO cones x2

? SOCO cones x2

? Blanket in bag x1

? Access card to police investigation centre x1

? Hard hats x2

? Safety glasses x1

? Ear plugs x1

? Spit hood x1

? Police scene tape x1

? Scene log x1

? Early evidence kit x1

? Hand swab kit x1

? Sexual offences kit or vehicle seat cover x1

? Bolt croppers x1

? Dog spray x1

? Emergency hammer x1

? Yellow spray can x1

? Safety knife x1

? Crowbar x1

? Knife container x1

? Smart water torch x1

? Disposable face mask x1

? Hand sanitiser x1

? Sharps box x1

? Heavy duty gloves x1

? Goggles x1

? Tape measure x1

? Escape hood x2

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