Suffolk: Crackdown on known criminals leads to 28 arrests

suffolk: A police crackdown on known felons has seen 28 arrests made – resulting in 58 charges for a number of offences.

Operation Apache ran between January and March, with officers targeting a small number of prolific criminals by closely monitoring and engaging with them.

Officers have been keeping tabs on prolific offenders as part of the pro-active crime-fighting initiative.

Since the operation was put in place, offences have fallen by almost 18 per cent in comparison to 2010.

As a result of the scheme, 28 arrests were made, resulting in 58 charges, one community resolution and five offences being reported for consideration.

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In total, during the three-month period 134 offences were recorded – including 26 thefts, 22 thefts from vehicles and 14 burglaries.

Detective Inspector Andy Footer, who ran the operation, said that the operation had been proven as an “effective weapon” to use in the war against crime.

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He added: “By targeting these individuals, they have been unable to commit a number of offences.

“Over 200 home visits were made to the individuals, emphasising our commitment to the operation.

“The intelligence submitted and the teamwork involved has reiterated the point that the individuals targeted are indeed not just nuisance youths or children, but active and prolific offenders, who by their illegal activities, cause misery to local residents.”

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