Suffolk: Curious County goes from strength to strength

The Curious County

The Curious County - Credit: Contributed

A CAMPAIGN to boost tourism in Suffolk has now reached an estimated audience of almost 5million people, new figures have revealed.

Those behind the Curious County have said they hope their promotion of the county’s hotels, restaurants, beaches and attractions will create a lasting legacy for Suffolk.

Amanda Bond, brand manager for Visit Suffolk, said the most recent figures suggest that the 14-week digital campaign that features a microsite as well as Twitter and Facebook profiles, is still gaining momentum with one month still left to run.

She added: “What stands out for me is the strength of the Curious County brand. Not only are people visiting the site to find out about all the wonderful experiences Suffolk has to offer but they’re engaging with the creativity of the concept. It’s capturing imaginations and this is good news for people’s emotional attachment to the brand, particularly long-term, which in turn is positive for the legacy of the campaign.”

Ms Bond said engagement levels with the campaign have gone up three-fold, with Facebook alone reaching about 500,000 people a week. In the first week after Easter that figure rose to 730,000 - with 51% interest from London followed by Birmingham, Nottingham and Leicester.

Tempting Londoners to Suffolk, rather than other UK destinations or European breaks, has been one of the key targets of Curious County’s campaign.

In March, 50,000 postcard packs designed to entice families, young couples and empty-nesters with disposable incomes were sent to homes in the capital via The Guardian newspaper.

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Ms Bond said: “With engagement up over 300% in the last month alone it’s showing that the campaign is gaining momentum and it’s good to know that we’re attracting individuals from our geographical target areas. With one month left, these statistics gives us great promise for the future efficacy of The Curious County.”

Advertising on Facebook has helped to contribute traffic and awareness to the social channels, reaching an estimated audience of 4.9million.

Ms Bond, who said the microsite has welcomed 32% new visitors, said interest was coming from as far away as the US, Canada and Australia.

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