'How I finally escaped my violent husband' - Abuse survivor tells her story

A domestic abuse survivor from Suffolk has told her story

A domestic abuse survivor from Suffolk has told her story - Credit: Anglia Care Trust

A Suffolk survivor of domestic abuse has told of her relief after finally escaping her violent husband.

The woman, who is not being identified, spoke out in support of Anglia Care Trust, which in partnership with Suffolk County Council, has launched a free, 24/7 Suffolk Domestic Abuse helpline: 0800 977 5690.

There is now a Suffolk Domestic Abuse helpline

There is now a Suffolk Domestic Abuse helpline - Credit: Anglia Care Trust

She says she was frightened of her husband and previously attempted to leave him - but he’d found the number of a refuge that she’d been keeping, they’d argued and she was too scared of leaving.

This is her account of how she left:

“I’d been to see my GP and he’d signed me off work with depression and anxiety. The GP gave me the number of the Suffolk Domestic Abuse Helpline as I’d confided in him a little bit about my situation.

"I called and explained all about the abuse that I was suffering and hiding. I couldn’t trust friends or family - if my husband found out, there’s no telling what he’d do.

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"He’d start arguments and call me all kinds of names; occasionally he’d also be violent towards me - I was always scared that the kids would see but, he was very careful that they didn’t - it’s almost as if he planned when he picked on me.

"As it was, I wasn’t in touch with most of my friends anymore; no one really understood just what my life was like. It wasn’t worth having them round as I spent my life walking on eggshells.

"At the time I made the call my husband was away working but was due home the next evening - I knew there wasn’t time to get everything ready for me and the children to go, but I wanted to at least have a plan.

"ACT came back to me really quickly. They’d contacted the National Domestic Abuse Helpline on my behalf and they’d done a refuge search. Unfortunately, the two places that they found in nearby counties did not give me enough time to gather everything I needed. However, ACT gave me the refuge search reference number and explained that my contact details were now on the database and I could call anytime and wouldn't have to repeat my story or give my details again.

"I bought a cheap mobile phone so that ACT could keep in regular contact. My domestic abuse support officer was amazing; she called regularly to make sure I was safe, and helped me make a plan to flee safely with my children.

"Just six days after my original phone call to the Suffolk Domestic Abuse Helpline, I was able to text ACT to let them know we’d been offered a space at a refuge in the same county as a trusted family member. You have no idea how relieved I was; at last I could picture a life without domestic abuse.

"ACT kept in touch and went over and over the exit plan with me and we’d worked out the best and safest date. Although I was incredibly nervous, I managed to leave my home and move into the refuge with my children just 12 days after the original phone call. Although I left with nothing, ACT have helped me take action and I know that eventually, with their support, I’ll be able to find a place of my own, get work and take back my independence after so many years. It’s such a massive relief. Me and the children can breathe without fear.

"My advice to anyone living with an abuser, call the Suffolk Domestic Abuse Helpline - they probably saved my life.”

ACT can help with advice and guidance, safety planning, help to find emergency accommodation, a safeguarding referral for children or adults, help with Universal Credit applications and other financial problems, and many other issues.

The helpline is confidential and no action will be taken without permission unless ACT deem there to be a safeguarding issue. Calls can even be anonymous. The number is 0800 977 5690
For information on identifying domestic abuse, a guide to what happens when you call the helpline, and for resources to help you share the message, visit the website

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