Suffolk/Essex: People urged to be vigilant on bonfire night to help avoid hedgehog deaths


- Credit: PA

People enjoying bonfire celebrations are being asked to ensure the safety of one of Britain’s most loved animals – the hedgehog.

Thousands die each year as wood piles are created for a bonfire, sometimes days before it is lit.

This leaves time for hedgehogs to get into the pile because it is seen as a warm place to sleep during the day, according to staff at the Wildlives Rescue Centre, in Thorrington.

Rosie Catford, from the centre, has called on people to put wood piles together on the day it is lit.

She said: “Our hedgehog numbers have declined drastically in the last couple of decades and there numbers are down.

“Every single life is important so our children and grandchildren can enjoy hedgehogs so we ask people to build the bonfire that they are going to set fire to on the day so nothing can crawl in.”