Suffolk/Essex: ‘Prisoners’ give reviews of jails - and they’re not all bad

Wish you were here?

Wish you were here? - Credit: Archant

The region’s prisons are being rated like hotels in the style of online trip reviews.

The spoof reviews have appeared on Google maps and even include star ratings of the likes of HMP Highpoint, Hollseley Bay and Chelmsford prison.

One person, claiming to be an inmate at Hollseley Bay near Woodbridge, said he wished he could have stayed longer at the Category D prison.

He said: “I went here for non payment of fines. Great thing is fine was for £250 spent 3 days here came out fine free & a free holiday to Ipswich. Would of liked to stay longer to be honest because I was having a ball.”

His five star rating was backed up by another alleged inmate, who said: “This is not a bad place to spend some time. The only real rule is to behave yourself because if you chose to you could do pretty much as you like.

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“The people who get themselves into trouble and end up getting shipped out are the ones who spend all their time sitting on the wings doing nothing.”

He added: “Find yourself something to do and you will sail through Hollesley Bay.”

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The open jail has received less generous coverage in recent weeks after a number of inmates went missing.

But unlike Hollesley, Highpoint in Stradishall struggled to reach two stars from its pair of reviewers.

Four supposedly former inmates logged on to rate their time at Her Majesty’s pleasure in Chelmsford, with reviews ranging from one to three stars.

While one claimed he “loved it” another added: “I was here for some time, terrible food, bad beds and terrible service. Never again will I stay at this so called hotel.”

But another quickly rallied to the prison’s defence, stating: “Not the worst food of them all ... clean(ish) and the staff are ok.”

A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice said they did not wish to comment.

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