Suffolk: Free schools in Saxmundham and Beccles given September go-ahead

TWO new Suffolk free schools have today been given the go-ahead to open in September.

Government ministers gave approval for schools in Saxmundham and Beccles, which are both backed by education charity The Seckford Foundation.

Saxmundham’s new education facility will open on the site of the existing middle school, which closes in July as part of the Schools Organisation Review. Its counterpart in Beccles will initially be based at the former Carlton Colville Primary School before moving onto the town’s middle school site in September 2014.

Rob Cawley, principal for The Seckford Free Schools Trust, said: “I am thrilled with the news.

“We will be talking to all the parents who have expressed an interest in their child having a place at Saxmundham Free School, which will be accepting children in years seven, eight and nine this year. We are well on track for opening in September.”

Saxmundham parent Sarah Pastor town, said: “The Saxmundham Free School is the best possible news for the town. For somewhere the size of Saxmundham, with a growing population and more housing planned, it seemed unthinkable that we might be without any post-11 education. Saxmundham needed a positive boost and the free school will deliver that with a broad-based education for our children. My family are very excited to be part of Saxmundham Free School and we can’t wait for September.”

Aidan McHugh, one of the parent group behind Beccles Free School, said: “This is fantastic news, I have already spoken to a number of other parents and we look forward to continuing to work with The Seckford Foundation and the new head, John Lucas, to ensure we develop a truly exceptional school for our children.”