Suffolk man jailed after driving at couple who complained about his driving

Andrew Reilly. Picture: SUFFOLK CONSTABULARY

Andrew Reilly. Picture: SUFFOLK CONSTABULARY - Credit: Archant

A Suffolk motorist who mounted the pavement and drove at a couple who got out of their van to complain about his driving has been jailed for 16 months.

Kevin Stringer and his wife were driving through Lowestoft at about 11am on April 3 when they saw a car driven by Andrew Reilly driving the wrong way round a roundabout.

Mr Stringer then heard the screech of tyres as Reilly drove “full pelt” along Clapham Road and saw him do a handbrake turn on a raised speed bump, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

Shortly afterwards Mr Stringer heard the screech of tyres again and saw Reilly’s car behind him with the engine revving.

Reilly was pulling forward and reversing to get past the slow moving traffic and Mr Stringer and his wife got out of their van to remonstrate with him about his driving, said Michael Crimp, prosecuting.

Mr Stringer told Reilly he needed to calm down because there were children around and Reilly had “gone mad” and spat at him.

He then mounted the pavement and drove at Mr and Mrs Stringer as if to run them over and the couple got back in their van.

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Reilly then drove into a dead end road and as he drove out he used his car to shunt a smaller car out of the way.

He had then rammed into the back of Mr and Mrs Stringer’s van, said Mr Crimp.

The police arrived and Reilly had run off and was chased by police officers and Mr Stringer.

When Mr Stringer caught up with him Reilly swung a punch at him which clipped his ear.

Reilly seemed disorientated and appeared to be under the influence of drink or drugs.

Mr Crimp said that during the incident a witness saw Reilly drive over a pedestrian crossing narrowly missing pedestrians.

Reilly, 28, of Notley Road in Lowestoft, admitted dangerous driving, assault by beating, resisting arrest, driving without a licence, driving with no insurance, failing to provide a specimen and using threatening, abusive or insulting words.

Jailing him for 16 months and banning him from driving for 23 months, Judge David Goodin said Reilly’s driving could have resulted in serious injury or worse.

Reilly, who represented himself in court, accepted his driving had been shocking.

“I’m sorry and if I could turn back the clock I would,” he said.

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