Suffolk: Nearly 300 submissions sent to National Grid over Bramford to Twinstead pylon plan

NATIONAL Grid has received nearly 300 submissions about its latest plans for a controversial new power connection.

The energy giant has been seeking views from the community over changes to its Bramford to Twinstead connection.

The feedback came from individuals, campaign groups, councils and organisations from across the affected area. Many have welcomed National Grid’s move to bury two 4km sections of the route but feel that there is an opportunity to put the entire route of cables underground.

A Suffolk County Council spokesman said: “We remain unconvinced of the need for the project at this time. However, should National Grid pursue the scheme, the county council is firmly of the view that it should be entirely underground.”

Babergh and Mid Suffolk district councils have submitted responses to the proposals. Jennie Jenkins, chair of Babergh’s strategy committee, said: “We both expect that each and every section of the line should be placed underground. We fully understand the frustrations of the local communities with the National Grid’s consultation process, in particular the way in which their representations have been taken into account, and strongly urge National Grid to ensure that residents are afforded every opportunity to be fully engaged as the project progresses in order to address the uncertainty that has been created.”

Tim Passmore, leader of Mid Suffolk, added: “The time for giant, ugly and unnecessary pylons which blight our beautiful countryside is over and National Grid needs to recognise this.”

A National Grid spokeswoman said the nearly 300 responses would now be analysed and used to help prepare a statement that will give a clearer picture of the exact route and where the cables will be placed underground.

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She added: “Then we start looking at the very detailed route that the connection will take – the route alignment – and whether the route will go north or south of Hintlesham.”

She said more details would be published by the end of the year.

The EADT has been campaigning to Stop The Pylons, for more details visit our campaign section under the news header.

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