Suffolk: Only one in ten burglaries in past three years is solved by police

Joanne Louis and her son Haydn of Crowfield who were victims of burglary. Joanne's late son Rhys Lor

Joanne Louis and her son Haydn of Crowfield who were victims of burglary. Joanne's late son Rhys Loram's necklace was taken during the break in.

Only one in 10 burglaries committed in Suffolk over the last three years has been solved, the East Anglian Daily Times can reveal.

There were 17,896 break-ins reported across the county between 2010 and June 24 this year, but in only 2,035 cases were the perpetrators discovered.

Last night, Suffolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore conceded the detection rate must be improved - while a burglary victim told of the anguish caused when a case remains unsolved.

Mr Passmore said: “I would like to see the trend of solving burglaries on a sustained upward curve. 100% solved would be great but that’s not realistic.

“As a priority I would like to see us becoming the best constabulary for solving rates and crime prevention in the country.”

Mr Passmore said extra resources, investment and partnership work is being carried out to raise awareness of getting intelligence from the public about burglaries.

He added: “Everyone has a moral obligation to get in touch with the police with information about crimes.”

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The figures, released under the Freedom of Information Act, show 3,743 arrests were made in connection with the crimes - including house, business premises, garage and other building burglaries - in the same period.

The Ipswich borough has recorded the highest number of burglaries with 4,267, while Mid Suffolk has the fewest with 1,653.

DCI Bernie Morgan, of Suffolk police, said: “Tackling burglary, both preventing them from happening and detecting ones that have been committed, across Suffolk remains a priority for the constabulary.

“The figures quoted refer to domestic, business, garage and other building burglaries.

“In October 2012, to coincide with the darker nights, Suffolk police launched Operation Drawbridge, which is aimed at reducing the number of burglaries across the county.

“Dedicated teams are working across the county to stop offenders by carrying out high visibility patrols in affected areas, gathering intelligence on those responsible and visiting homes or shops where the handling of stolen goods is suspected.

“The number of burglaries committed has decreased year on year since 2010 which could be attributed to offenders being sentenced and local people taking simple precautions to prevent themselves from becoming victims of burglaries.”

The number of burglaries reported to Suffolk police has fallen from 5,544 in 2010 compared to 4,948 last year.

While the number of offences solved has decreased from 800 in 2010 to just 479 last year.

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