Would you keep your child off school if a student in another class tested positive for Covid-19?

More than 100 students are self-isolating at four schools across Suffolk. Picture: GOOGLE MAPS/ARCHA

More than 100 students are self-isolating at four schools across Suffolk. Picture: GOOGLE MAPS/ARCHANT - Credit: Archant

Parents in Suffolk have been left torn over what to do should there be confirmed cases of Covid at their child’s school.

Cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed in Northgate High School, Farlingaye High School, Samuel Ward Academy in Haverhill and both Abbots Green Academy and King Edward VI School in Bury St Edmunds in recent weeks, leading to a number of class ‘bubbles’ forced to self-isolate for 14 days.

MORE: The schools in Suffolk where there have been positive coronavirus testsMany parents in Suffolk say their children’s mental health and education is of paramount importance and they should be kept in school whereever possible.

However, some parents have decided to take their kids out of school to further prevent them from catching the disease – despite them not being in direct contact or in the same bubble.

‘I’d not hesitate in taking her out of school’

Kismet Joans said: “With cases rising the way they are I’m already torn on if I should really still be sending my children in.”

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Meanwhile, Mel Rayner has been home schooling her daughter for the last five years.

“If she were to be in school now, I’d not hesitate in taking her out,” she said. “You have only one life, so why shorten it by putting it at risk of a virus, that’s running out of control? Thank the heavens she isn’t in school now, that’s all I can say!”

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Kelly Allison said she would “most definitely” keep her child at home if a case was detected at their school.

She said: “If I’m supposed to use track and trace when I go for a meal and self-isolate if someone who was in there at the same time as me tests positive, then why should vulnerable members of my family be put at risk if my child gets it for the sake of 14 days at home? I can’t believe they are not closing schools. I think it’s shameful!”

‘We have to send them in for their own mental health’

However, many parents in Suffolk say their children need school, not only for their education but also for their mental wellbeing. Many said they would not take their child out of school unless instructed otherwise.

Leanne Divers Franklin said: “They need it. Plus, I think the schools are doing the best they can to keep the different classes/years separate so I’d be happy to send my kids if it wasn’t in their class.”

Sarah Woolven agreed that children have “missed out on so much education already”, adding that she would not take her child out of class unnecessarily.

Kirsty-Sara Tierney-Jones added: “Our future depends on these children being educated. It’s not just about economy now, it’s economy in decades to come. I trust their school has made enough changes and that my children have a good enough diet to ward off illness.

“We have staggered drop off and collections and we drop straight to the outside classroom door. I trust their judgement and some of their own children attend. We have to send them in for their own mental health as well!”

Many others said they would continue to send their children to school unless it “spreads through the school rapidly”.

Some said it should become compulsory that parents taking or collection their children from schools should be wearing masks, along with older children.

Sarah Leatherby said: “I think all adults taking/collecting their children should be wearing masks. I also believe all children in Key Stage Two and above should also wear masks to and from and while moving around school, apart from within their own classroom.

“The staggered start and finish times only work when parents actually arrive at the time they have been told to and not earlier.”

Would you take your child out of school if a positive case was confirmed? Let us know by voting in our poll above.

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