Which Suffolk schools will remain closed on Wednesday due to snow and ice?

Nellie and Ollie making the most of the powdery snow on Tuesday afternoon. Picture: SARAH LUCY BROW

Schools across Suffolk are closed because of the snow. Pictured: Nellie and Ollie making the most of the powdery snow on Tuesday afternoon. - Credit: SARAH LUCY BROWN

Some schools across Suffolk are planning to reopen their doors after more than 200 closed due to the hazardous conditions caused by Storm Darcy.

Further snow showers are expected in the coming days, with temperatures forecast to remain low throughout the week meaning that some schools will have to remain closed due to a lack of heating and concerns over treacherous conditions for staff and pupils travelling to school.

The cold snap forced more than 200 schools in Suffolk to close earlier this week. While most children are learning at home, children of key workers and vulnerable children had still been attending but were forced to stay home.

Schools already confirmed to be closing on Wednesday are:

  • Easton Primary School
  • Aldeburgh Primary School
  • Trimley St Martin Primary School
  • Wickham Market Primary School
  • Wenhaston Primary School
  • Gorseland Primary School
  • Whatfield CEVCP School
  • Bucklesham Primary School
  • Kersey CEVCP School
  • Thomas Wolsey Ormiston Academy
  • Thurston Community College
  • Snape CP School
  • Clifford Road Primary School
  • Heath Primary School
  • Leiston Primary School
  • Worlingworth CEVCP School
  • Thorndon CEVCP School
  • Barrow CEVCP School
  • Orford CEVAP School
  • Bawdsey CEVCP School
  • Hollesley Primary School
  • Clements Primary Academy
  • Waldringfield Primary School
  • Sandlings Primary School
  • Elmsett CEVCP School

You can see the latest list on the Suffolk County Council website.

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