'Forgotten' travel agents to protest Covid tourism restrictions in London

Lee Hunt and Abi Nunn from Deben Travel in Woodbridge, who are calling on the government to ease Covid restrictions

Lee Hunt and Abi Nunn from Deben Travel in Woodbridge, who are calling on the government to ease Covid restrictions - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

Two Suffolk travel agents will be joining a protest in London this week as they call on the government to ease Covid travel restrictions.

Lee Hunt and Abi Nunn, of Deben Travel in Woodbridge, will be heading down to the capital alongside other industry figures for a travel 'day of action' on Wednesday.

Hundreds of lobbyists will meet in Westminster as they put pressure on the government to ease travel rules ahead of the crucial summer holiday period.

Organisers have said the event will follow Covid guidelines and have a maximum of 400 attendees at any time.

The 'traffic light' system for international travel - which determines how long tourists should quarantine for upon return to the UK - has come under fire from many in the industry.

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Only a handful of countries remain on the green list, meaning travellers do not have have to self-isolate when back in the UK.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps previously said the government is taking a "safety first attitude" towards possible mutations of the virus while the vaccination rollout is ongoing.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps during a media briefing in Downing Street, London, on coronavirus (

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has defended the government's approach to international travel - Credit: PA

But Deben Travel owner Mr Hunt and assistant manager Miss Nunn feel the government's measures have turned the business into a "shop with nothing to sell" and prevented them from making money.

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Mr Hunt believes more countries could safely be added to the green list - meaning people do not need to quarantine - and said the government should take advantage of the success of the vaccine rollout.

He said: "I've never been part of any protest or lobbying, but it's got to the stage where we are getting nowhere with the government.

Travel agent Lee Hunt from Deben Travel in Woodbridge. Picture: Sarah Lucy Brown

Mr Hunt has never been to a formal protest before - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

"We're hearing rumours about double vaccinated people being allowed to travel with quarantining from amber list countries, but these are just rumours.

"For us, Wednesday is about showing the government that we are here and we exist. We have been prevented from selling anything - we're a shop with nothing to sell."

Miss Nunn added: "We've never done anything like this before, but it's come to this. It's a peaceful, quiet protest so the government knows we're here.

Travel agent Abi Nunn from Deben Travel in Woodbridge. Picture: Sarah Lucy Brown

Miss Nunn is assistant manager at Deben Travel - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

"We bring a lot of money into the country and it seems they've forgotten about us. Something needs to be done."

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