Holiday dream comes true for teenager living with Burkitt Lymphoma

Rays of Sunshine

Lucas and his family enjoying mini golf on holiday at Centre Parcs - Credit: Rays of Sunshine

A teenager living with Burkitt Lymphoma has been treated to his dream holiday thanks to a children’s charity.

Lucas Newton, 14, and his family, from Elmswell, spent a week in Center Parcs Woburn, courtesy of the Rays of Sunshine Wish Team.

Steph Newton, Lucas’ mum, said: "We had a wonderful time, it was Lucas’ dream holiday where he could play sports to his heart’s content and spend time swimming, eating and drinking and as a family it was fantastic to be able to enjoy some quality time together."

Despite his illness, Lucas is extremely active, playing football for two different teams, Elmswell FC and Moreton Hall FC, and also does a paper round six days a week.

Steph continued: "We are extremely grateful to Rays of Sunshine and their brilliant team for all their support over the past two years. We have had some amazing experiences, not least meeting Lucas’ hero [Spurs footballer] Dele Alli where he was slightly starstruck!

"After such a difficult few years this break really was a special one and has given us memories which will last a lifetime."

Burkitt lymphoma is uncommon, only around 250 people are diagnosed with it in the UK each year and it affects three to four times more men than women.

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Sporadic Burkitt lymphoma is the most common subtype in the UK, 'sporadic’ means it occurs occasionally and irregularly. 

According to the illness is usually treated with the aim of curing it, and many people go into complete remission.

Most children who have treatment for Burkitt lymphoma are cured, the outcome is also very good for younger adults.

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