Welcome to the world: Meet the faces who brought joy to families in 2020

Arabella Burman, Alexander Finch and George Benjamin Barker. 

Meet more of the babies born in Suffolk in 2020 - (from left to right) Arabella Burman, Alexander Finch and George Benjamin Barker. - Credit: Families of Arabella Burman, Alexander Finch and George Benjamin Barker

Meet some of the babies who were welcomed into the world in 2020 - living through a series of coronavirus lockdowns and bringing joy to parents all over Suffolk. 

2020 was a difficult year for so many, but for some Suffolk families it was the year they welcomed a new arrival and it is a reason to celebrate. 

They were robbed of their chance to introduce their new babies to family, friends and neighbours last year, due to coronavirus restrictions, so now we are giving families the chance to share their babies with the world.

We ran a series of photos in our newspaper last week and here are more of the babies of 2020. These will be printed in the East Anglian Daily Times on Wednesday, January 6. 

Laurie Christopher Thomas

Laurie Christopher Thomas was born November 8, 2020. - Credit: Family of Laurie Christopher Thomas

Ella-Mae Smy

Ella-Mae Smy born September 1, 2020. - Credit: Family of Ella-Mae Smy

Arabella Burman

Anna and Tom Burman welcomed the birth of their daughter Arabella Burman on August 29, 2020 at Ipswich Hospital. - Credit: Family of Arabella Burman

Isobella and Eloise Miller

Isobella (left) and Eloise Miller were born on January 3, and were the first set of twins born in Ipswich in 2020. - Credit: Family of Isobella and Eloise Miller

Albie Edward Kenneth Marsh

Albie Edward Kenneth Marsh was born on May 24. - Credit: Family of Albie Edward Kenneth Marsh

Alfie Stanley Thomas Freeman

Alfie Stanley Thomas Freeman was born on November 27, 2020 on his grandad's birthday, weighing 7.8lbs. - Credit: Family of Alfie Stanley Thomas Freeman

Rocco Stanley Dennis jolly

Rocco Stanley Dennis Jolly was born on February 5, 2020. - Credit: Family of Rocco Stanley Dennis jolly

Baby Elliott lockdown baby

Elliott Mace was born to Daniel and Maxine on April 3, 2020 at Ipswich Hospital. - Credit: Family of Elliott Mace

Tobias William Church-Berry was born on May 27, 2020. 

Tobias William Church-Berry was born on May 27, 2020. - Credit: Family of Tobias William Church-Berry

George Benjamin Barker pictured with big brother Fred.

George Benjamin Barker - born January 18 2020 - pictured with big brother Fred. - Credit: Family of George Benjamin Barker

Millie Rose Allaton

Millie Rose Allaton was born on September 15, 2020. - Credit: Family of Millie Rose Allaton

Boux-L’amour Zenus born November 17

Boux-L’amour Zenus born November 17 - Credit: Family of Boux-L’amour Zenus

Zachary Navan Smith

Zachary Navan Smith, born November 11. - Credit: Family of Zachary Navan Smith

Purdey Georgia Searle

Purdey Georgia Searle, born April 17. - Credit: Family of Purdey Georgia Searle

George Benjamin Barker

George Benjamin Barker born on January 18. - Credit: Family of George Benjamin Barker

Jackson Albert Avers

Jackson Albert Avers was born on December 4t at Ipswich Hospital. - Credit: Family of Jackson Albert Avers

Thea Lily Norman

Thea Lily Norman was born on October 5, 2020, weighing 7lb 8oz. - Credit: Family of Thea Lily Norman

Alfie Allen

Alfie Allen, born at Ipswich Hospital on May 8. - Credit: Family of Alfie Allen

Albie Patrick Harrington

Albie Patrick Harrington was born six minutes before midnight on Christmas Eve at West Suffolk Hospital. - Credit: Family of Albie Patrick Harrington

Harper Bella-Mai Norman

Harper Bella-Mai Norman was born on September 28, two months early. - Credit: Family of Harper Bella-Mai Norman

Alfie Harris was born on November 30, 2020. 

Alfie Harris was born on November 30, 2020. - Credit: Family of Alfie Harris

Jaxson Murkin

Jaxson Murkin was born on September 24, 2020. - Credit: Family of Jaxson Murkin

Myles Jordan Smith

Myles Jordan Smith was born on June 18 2020. - Credit: Family of Myles Jordan Smith

Chloe Mae born May 1, 2020

Chloe Mae born May 1, 2020 - Credit: Nicci Garratt

Leah-Mai Marshall-King

Leah-Mai Marshall-King was born on February 25, to parents Charlotte King and Aaron Marshall. - Credit: Family of Leah-Mai Marshall-King

Henry Robert Dickings

Henry Robert Dickings born Saturday, March 21. - Credit: Family of Henry Robert Dickings

Esme Jane Gull

Esme Jane Gull was born the September 3 2020. - Credit: Family of Esme Jane Gull

Lucas David Lee-Amies

Lucas David Lee-Amies, was born on July 27 2020. - Credit: Family of Lucas David Lee-Amies

Lewie Suffolk baby

Lewie was born at Ipswich Hospital on April 30. - Credit: Amey Wood

Robyn Scarlett

Robyn Scarlett was born on July 9, 2020. - Credit: Family of Robyn Scarlett

Harry Claude Bird

Harry Claude Bird was born on August 3 at Ipswich Hospital, weighing 5lb 14oz. - Credit: Family of Harry Claude Bird

Lark Evelyn Conaghan

Lark Evelyn Conaghan born September 20. - Credit: Family of Lark Evelyn Conaghan

Hugo Smith

Hugo Smith was born on February 10, 2020. - Credit: Family of Hugo Smith

Alexander Joseph Finch

Alexander Joseph Finch was born on May 6 2020, at 6.39am at Ipswich Hospital. His mum Hannah said: "Alexander has brought us so much joy and happiness during these difficult times." - Credit: Family of Alexander Joseph Finch

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