The MPs to watch

Hancock and Patel tipped for greatness

TWO of the region’s newly elected MPs have been tipped to make outstanding contributions to the parliamentary life.

Total Politics Magazine suggests that Suffolk West MP Matt Hancock and his Witham counterpart

Priti Patel will be among the 50 who will quickly make a mark in the new political era of the coalition government.

Iain Dale, the magazine’s editor of have, says much is expected of the 2010 intake. “This Parliament must prove it is more trustworthy and better value for money. The dreaded word expenses must not raise its ugly head again.

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“Currently untested and mainly unknown, the 232 new MPs have arrived at an unprecedented time in British politics. The three party system is over - at least for this Parliament - and it is unclear what that means in terms of how our politics operates. This new era will test all MP’s characters but especially those who are greenest of all on the green benches.”

Mr Hancock is number six in the top 10. “He began working for George Osborne as an economic adviser in 2005 after a background at Oxbridge and the Bank of England. He had as much influence as anyone on the decisions made by the shadow Treasury team in that time.

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“Barring disaster, he will soon be added to the ministerial ranks of this government - Hancock was still advising the Osborne team part-time while campaigning.”

At number eight on the list, Ms Patel, described as “the daughter of a sweet shop owner,” was deputy press secretary for William Hague in 1998 after a period working in the Conservative Research Department.

“She most recently worked as a corporate communications consultant. She represents the more modern face of Conservatism but still retains a traditional outlook.”

Mr Dales says: “From now on, each year, we will track the careers and progress made by our top MPs.

“Not all political careers go to plan, with many ambitions and hopes thwarted by a number of factors including falling out of favour, personality clashes, misjudgements, incompetence and changing priorities. Our list will reflect the rise and fall in fortunes of the new generation.”

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