What will the temperatures be in Suffolk for the next four days?

Felixstowe beach Picture: MEGAN ALDOUS

Felixstowe beach Picture: MEGAN ALDOUS - Credit: Archant

With an array of outside events taking place this weekend in Suffolk, you will be relieved to hear that the warm weather is here to stay - but what temperatures can we expect?

Felixstowe beach huts Picture: MEGAN ALDOUS

Felixstowe beach huts Picture: MEGAN ALDOUS - Credit: Archant

Phil Garner, Weather forecaster at Weather Quest, told us that there will be a continuation of the weather we have had in the last few days.

He said: “We have patchy cloudy weather at the moment but that will soon clear away. Today there will be a north east breeze on the coast with temperatures reaching 16-17C (60.8-62.6F) inland areas will have temperatures of 26-27C (78.8- 80.6F) inland areas.”

This evening you can expect low cloud staying dry with temperatures of 8C (46.4F) for inland areas and 11C (51.8F) on the coast.

Mr Garner continued: “Tomorrow there will be a cloudy misty start to the day but it will be a dry day with sunny spells and inland temperatures of 27C (80.6F) and on coast temperatures of 17C (62.6F).

Felixstowe beach Picture: MEGAN ALDOUS

Felixstowe beach Picture: MEGAN ALDOUS - Credit: Archant

“Across the weekend there isn’t a great deal of change but it will be slightly cloudy. There will be an easterly wind blowing in making things feel a little bit fresher but there will still be temperatures of 25C (77F) inland and 16C (60.8F) on the coast on Saturday.

“The easterly wind and cloud continues on Sunday but it will stay dry with temperatures of 27C (80.6F) inland and 17C (62.6F) on the coast.”

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The weather has been so hot that Essex Highways has said that gritters may be used to protect the county’s roads as rising temperatures threaten to melt the surface. Inspectors are checking the roads daily for any signs that the roads are starting to melt. The department have said they are not anticipating that gritters will need to be used but they are prepared if they are needed.

The hot weather has had a positive impact on seaside towns, Felixstowe has found itself with record breaking numbers of people at events.

Felixstowe promenade Picture: MEGAN ALDOUS

Felixstowe promenade Picture: MEGAN ALDOUS - Credit: Archant

Helen Greengrass, Felixstowe change director, said: “We had record breaking numbers over the May bank holiday at our vehicle car rally and at the Rotary fun run. Day-to-day figures are what we would expect but there has been an increase in numbers on school holidays.

“I know Felixstowe Museum and Landguard Fort numbers are up on last year. We are hoping for an Indian Summer which we missed at the start of the year. Felixstowe continues to be rediscovered as a location and there is no reason why that won’t continue. Visit Felixstowe for great days by the sea.”

Charles Manning, owner of Manning’s amusments, added: “The good weather is great for Felixstowe and really highlights the beautiful coast and natural features in the town. The good weather means more visitors to Felixstowe but they tend to spend more time on the beach and in the sea while its hot, then they come inside to the amusements when its a bit cooler.”

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