Thurston: Thurston CEVC Primary School improves from “satisfactory” to “good”

A SCHOOL in west Suffolk has been set on a course of “rapid improvement” since the arrival of a new headteacher, an Ofsted inspection has found.

Thurston CEVC Primary School in School Lane, Thurston, had been judged to be “satisfactory” at an Ofsted inspection in 2010, but it has now been declared “good” in all areas.

The report for the inspection earlier this month said headteacher Kathy Lambert, who joined the school in September 2011, had “won the support of the whole school community”.

It said: “Her focus on improving teaching and raising attainment has worked well. In particular, the headteacher’s expertise with data has meant that excellent systems show exactly how well individuals and groups of pupils are doing, and the information is easy for staff to get at.”

It added: “All staff share the headteacher’s vision of helping pupils to achieve their best, and have a very good understanding of what the school wants to improve most.”

The inspection found pupils in all ability groups achieve well, most teaching is good, and there are some outstanding examples, and girls’ attainment is particularly high in reading, writing and mathematics.

Also, pupils behave well and feel safe at school and leaders, managers and governors work together well to improve the quality of education.

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Mrs Lambert said: “I’m extremely pleased with the report and proud of the pupils and staff at the school and grateful for the support of parents and governors for their help.”

She added: “I think to improve the school the whole staff focused on good teaching and learning and accurate assessment.”

She said they would continue to improve the school during the next few years. The Ofsted inspection found areas for improvement included boys’ attainment as, while above average, it is not as high as that of the girls and pupils needed to be given time to write at length in different subjects, especially on topics that appeal to boys.