Bid to clean up riverside pathways for walkers

Clearing the Alderman Canal in Ipswich

Greenways Project teams clearing large rubbish from the Alderman Canal, Ipswich back in 2019 - Credit: Greenways Project/IBC

Ipswich clean-up project the Greenways has made a bid to the borough council for £7,000 to improve river paths in the north of the town for walkers.

The project, which is charged with protecting and enhancing 100 square kilometres of countryside, landscape and open space in and around Ipswich, hopes to revamp paths alongside the River Gipping, from the Boss Hall industrial estate to Handford Road.

It comes after a council report said resources were "stretched", resulting in the section of the footpath running through Westgate and Whitehouse wards becoming neglected.

Greenways, a partnership led by Ipswich Borough Council with Babergh District Council, East Suffolk Council and local communities, is seeking £2,500 from the north west area committee and £4,500 from IBC's central pot to clean the path. 

The project has two members of staff and relies on volunteers to do much of its conservation and access work across around 40 nature reserves and green spaces.

If more money is provided then rangers can deliver "a higher quality of care" and go to Boss Hall and Handford Road more often.

The report calls for cash for two day-long visits per month to the area so it can be cleaned and maintained. 

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Alongside this work, the cash would create 12 volunteering opportunities, six educational activities, at least three guided wildlife walks up and down river, and a big clean up event at the start of the project.

The IBC report states: "This will include conservation work, litter collection, improving management of the path and encouraging local residents to get involve in the work of Greenways in the neighbourhood."

Greenways would complete this over the course of a year and work with the 24th Ipswich Cub Scouts, and Bramford Road Methodist Church to raise awareness of the project. 

The central area committee will decide whether to commit all or part, or none, of the sum needed on Wednesday, January 5 at 7pm.

A north west area committee will then meet to discuss allocating the final £2,500.  

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