Suez Canal ship Ever Given was due in Felixstowe

Undated handout photo issued by the Suez Canal Authority showing the view from a boat alongside the

The Port of Felixstowe is monitoring the giant cargo ship which ran aground on Tuesday in the Suez Canal, Egypt, blocking the passage for scores of other ships. - Credit: PA

The Ever Given - currently stuck in the Suez Canal - was due at the Port of Felixstowe on April 6.

The giant container ship, which is one of the largest in the world, ran aground on March 21, completely blocking the major world trade route in Egypt. 

The ship, operated by the Taiwanese company Evergreen Line,  was heading for Rotterdam, where it was due to dock on April 3.

From there it was sailing to Suffolk, due to arrive at the Port of Felixtsowe on April 6 according to its manifest. 

The blockage has caused a traffic jam of 200 ships  in the Red Sea, while others are rerouting around Africa.

Evergreen said in a statement on Thursday: "Evergreen Line will continue to coordinate with the shipowner and Suez Canal Authority to deal with the situation with the utmost urgency, ensuring the resumption of the voyage as soon as possible and to mitigate the effects of the incident."

It has since been revealed the ship could be refloated before the end of the day with10 tugboats deployed to dredge the banks and canal bottom. However, experts have warned it could actually take several weeks.

A spokesman for the Port of Felixstowe declined to comment on March 25 what impact the blockage would have on the port, but did say they were "monitoring" the situation.