Brexit could mean the UK loses Netflix

Find out what else could change with Brexit. Picture: SUBMITTED

Find out what else could change with Brexit. Picture: SUBMITTED - Credit: Archant

The CBI, which has been pushing for a soft Brexit, has revealed some unexpected potential results of leaving the EU.

In its Smooth Operations report the CBI has highlighted some potential results of Brexit.

A halt on business trips: Professional services firms in the UK carry out work in the EU by temporarily sending workers to the continent – this could be for days, weeks or months. If this curtailed it could have serious implications for the industry.

We could lose Netflix: The CBI says 35 broadcasting services, including Netflix, are available in the UK under EU licences. If the UK and EU don’t agree mutual market access, there is a risk that UK viewers could lose access to some of these services (until a new contract is negotiated).

You may need to retrain: As well as driving licences, qualifications in diving and skiing have been mutually recognised by the UK and EU up to this point – but that could change. The same could apply to qualifications in other sectors such as law.

Trademarks could get trickier: Under current community design regulations, companies can register their designs and trademarks in one application which covers the whole EU. If the UK doesn’t negotiate convergence, businesses could be forced to disclose their designs first in an EU member state to get the same protection – which could harm their competitiveness.