Video & Gallery: May the Force be with you!

LONG, long ago in a galaxy far, far away the art of policing was rather different!

LONG, long ago in a galaxy far, far away the art of policing was rather different!

Now Imperial storm troopers from Star Wars have descended on the police headquarters - but Suffolk's citizen's can rest easy that the constabulary has not introduced a different zero-tolerance policy under new Chief Constable Darth Vader!

Their arrival was part of the fun surrounding the 30th annual fun day for police officers and their families at the headquarters at Martlesham.

Hundreds watched as officers demonstrated how they approach the most sensitive situations in their day-to-day operations.

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The open day was held at Suffolk Police's command post in Martlesham and attracted people from all over the force's expanse.

Visitors were welcomed by a group of scary-looking storm troopers who were part of the festivities and turned out to be less intimidating than their appearance would suggest.

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Dozens of children took turns to be strapped into the back of a patrol car, but they weren't being carted away for any misdeed, instead they enjoyed an exciting ride with a police officer, complete with blaring sirens and flashing blue lights.

Equally as popular were a series of eye-opening displays conducted by some of Suffolk's finest boys and girls in blue.

Officers showed the gathered crowd just how tense policing can be and demonstrated the high risk situations that their training prepares them for.

One demo involved the precarious predicament of having to deal with a man wielding a knife in a public place. Onlookers were talked through exactly what it takes to bring such a situation under control.

Visitors were also invited to take a seat on board the force's helicopter, which is often called out to assist officers on the ground.

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