Video: Homeless young pup needs hip operations

HE may only be eight months old but this adorable puppy needs your help!

Playful pooch Harvey, a young chocolate Labrador, suffers from a severe form of hip dysplasia – meaning that his rear legs are lacking in muscle.

To improve Harvey’s condition he now desperately requires two hip operations – costing around �1,500 per hip.

The youngster was brought into the RSPCA Suffolk East and Ipswich Branch – based in Martlesham Heath, near Ipswich – at the beginning of June after his owners became unable to cope with his boisterous nature.

On arriving at the centre, Harvey’s condition became apparent when he began to wobble when walking.

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Becky Fox, deputy manager of the RSPCA, told the EADT that staff at the centre were on the hunt for an appropriate family to adopt the loveable pooch.

She said: “Harvey suffers from severe hip dysplasia, which was realised after he came into the centre earlier this month.

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“He doesn’t feel too much pain because he is on anti-inflammatory and pain relief.

“He is such a playful pup and he is a cheeky little thing. He can be a bit boisterous but he has a great character.

“We’re looking for someone to foster him before his operations and for someone to then adopt him afterwards. To be able to re-house him would be fantastic.”

She later said that although excitable Harvey is in his element when he running, he is unable to walk in a straight line and due to his condition has a tendency to walk diagonally.

Ms Fox, who lives on site at the animal rescue centre, later explained that the fostering and adopting family would have to offer a quiet environment with no other animals.

More than �3,000 is required to put the young pup through his operations at Cambridge Veterinary School, which would dramatically change his life.

It is hoped that the procedure, which will either involve hip replacements or modifications, will take place when the pup is nine months old.

Without the operation the balls of Harvey’s hip sockets would grind away, causing greater damage to his health as he grows older.

To donate money for Harvey’s hip operations or to apply to be his foster or adopting family contact the RSPCA Suffolk East and Ipswich branch on 01473 623280.

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