Videos: Escape Reality free runners flippin’ out in Felixstowe before UK tour

A group of daredevils are today preparing to take a unique sport to the rest of the UK on a national tour.

Escape Reality – a six-man free running group from Felixstowe – are taking their flips and jumps to competitions in London, Manchester, Wales and Scotland.

The group celebrated their second anniversary by free jumping across their old stomping ground of the prom as they prepare to head to Manchester on April 17.

Grant Belton, 17, the leader and founder of the group, said: “I hope to take the group all the way around the world.

“To me they’re all family and I want to see if we can make it.”

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Jordan Alderson, 17, can’t wait for the tour to show off his skills.

He said: “I love free running. You get a huge adrenalin rush and it’s a good lifestyle.

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“We did it for fun and then it became our lives.”

After training for two years together, Escape Reality have a firm belief in what they are doing and said it is good for them to get out of the house and do something active.

Curtis Culley, 17, said: “It keeps you fit and is something to do other than going out and getting drunk or playing X-Box.

“We all feel like a close family.”

The group also help out those who want to get more involved with free running by holding sessions every few Saturdays.

They teach people what they have learnt over the years from each other, sharing their own self-taught moves.

The group will be performing at the National Hall of Music in Manchester on April 17 and are hoping they will be performing in front of the TV cameras when they perform in London.

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