Volunteer lifeboat crews save life of man found in the water under Clacton Pier


- Credit: Archant

Volunteer lifeboat crews saved the life of a man found in distress in the water under Clacton Pier last night.

A 52-year-old man was found fully clothed clinging to pillars on the west side of the pier in rough seas at about 7pm, with Clacton RNLI’s D-Class crew arrived on the scene shortly after.

Helmsman Tim Sutton said: “Initially we couldn’t see the man, but we then saw police officers in the water, shining their torches on him.

“He was half way down the pier and the conditions were rough.

“We got alongside him and I managed to get hold of him. He refused to get in the boat and threatened us.

“I kept hold of him, but I was being battered around by the boat.

“We had to manoeuvre out to sea before coming back to the beach, all the while keeping hold of him – we never managed to get him into the boat.

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“Even when we got him back to the beach he remained violent toward us and he had to be restrained before assistance arrived from the coastguard, police and lifeboat crew from the station.

“He was suffering from hypothermia and became semi-conscious, so was taken to hospital for treatment – he was very cold.

“It was very difficult, but we have had a good outcome.”

The crew also included crewmen Eddie Vaughan-Chatfield and James Hill, and Mr Sutton also praised the police for their part in rescuing the man.

The casualty was treated at Colchester General Hospital before being taken into the care of mental health professionals.