Lifeboat crew help stranded yacht entangled in fishing gear

Walton and Frinton Lifeboat helped a yacht stranded off the Naze area at Walton

Walton and Frinton Lifeboat helped a yacht stranded off the Naze area at Walton - Credit: RNLI/Stewart Oxley

Walton and Frinton's lifeboat crew was called to help a sailor stranded off the Naze.

Dover Coastguard made the request for the RNLI volunteers' assistance just after 9am on Thursday, June 10, when the 10-metre yacht got into difficulties just off the Naze area at Walton.

The yacht, with one person aboard, had become entangled in fishing gear and was unable to move.

The crew of the all-weather lifeboat Irene Muriel Rees used their equipment to help remove the lines from the yacht’s rudder.

After checks confirmed no damage had been sustained, the lifeboat returned to Walton Pier and the yacht continued on its journey south to Brightlingsea.

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Volunteer crew member Miranda Rayner said: "The gentleman on the yacht had made attempts to free himself from the fishing gear, but with the tide running it proved impossible.

"We were able to take the weight off the lines and untangle the ropes, which had become wrapped around the yacht’s rudder.

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"Happily the yacht had been under sail when it became entangled so the propeller was clear. With no damage sustained, the yacht was able to continue on its way without further assistance."

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