Waterfront high point is dismantled

HIGH times are over at Ipswich's waterfront today as the crane dominating the town's skyline is being taken down.

HIGH times are over at Ipswich's waterfront today.

After nearly an a year-and-a-half of dominating the town's skyline the 74.8m crane used to erect the 68.1m Cranfield Mill development has been dismantled.

And to take it down an even larger crane, this time reaching 90m, was needed.

The separate parts of the white tower crane are being taken apart, lifted over Cranfield Mill, now the tallest building in Ipswich, and placed gently on waiting trucks.

Mark Challis, project leader for the housing development, said he was pleased the crane had finally been taken down.

He added: “We've been planning to take it down for a while but the winds have been too strong when you measure them high up, which we have to do.”

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Now work to finish the project can begin in earnest with the first residents moving in soon and the development complete by May.