Suffolk couple thank Good Samaritans after Storm Darcy vaccine nightmare

Keith and Marina Richmond, who got stuck in the Storm Darcy snow near Aldeburgh

Keith and Marina Richmond, who got stuck in the Storm Darcy snow near Aldeburgh - Credit: Keith Richmond

A Suffolk couple have thanked Good Samaritans after their coronavirus vaccine journey saw them stuck in Storm Darcy snow.

Keith and Marina Richmond left their Aldeburgh home on Sunday so Mrs Richmond could receive her coronavirus vaccination at Debenham Community Centre – although the relentless Storm Darcy snow had already forced the centre's closure.

On their return home however, weather continued to worsen – and the couple got stuck towards their final hurdle after huge snowdrifts blocked their path.

Mr Richmond said: "We travelled to Debenham but unfortunately the vaccination centre had closed, so we had to return through the rapidly deteriorating weather. 

"As we got close to Aldeburgh the snow drifts got bigger and it was quite a shock to find us suddenly stuck unable to move. The drift was nearly 2ft deep in places."

Thankfully for the couple, the car behind them – a Jeep driven by a man named Chris – was up to the task of helping them, all while a snow plough was rather unfortunately stuck in the queue behind them.

Snowdrifts are piling higher than ploughs in Suffolk as Storm Darcy continues to batter the county's roads

An example of how high snow drifts became in Suffolk on Sunday - Credit: Suffolk Highways

As the blizzards continued to grow stronger, more motorists got stuck in the queues, including night shift staff from Aldeburgh Hospital and a Tesco delivery van.

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Mr Richmond added: "We fortunately had put two shovels and warm clothes in the car in case of problems en route to Debenham.

"Marina and I started shovelling the snow away and were soon joined by the Tesco driver and the snow plough driver, but it was pretty hopeless in a driving blizzard.

"The jeep driver worked tirelessly for over an hour to tow us and the car behind us backwards to make room for the snow plough to create a lane through the snow."

The scene was later cleared thanks to the great work of those involved – with both Mr and Mrs Richmond keen to thank the Jeep driver for his heroics.

Mr Richmond added: "Without him we would have had to abandon the car and walk – and the queue would have grown longer and the plough would have not been able to get through.

"A huge thank you to all who helped us but particularly the Jeep driver who was determined to rescue us."

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