Weather: Operation Stack in place again

FELIXSTOWE: Operation Stack was put into place again this morning as Britain’s biggest port was choc a bloc with lorries waiting to deliver and collect containers.

After an all-night operation to clear snow and ice from between container stacks on the quayside storage areas at Felixstowe, limited collections of import deliveries were permitted.

But with all holding areas full on the port, the police and Highways Agency officials were asked to man Operation Stack with all arriving vehicles being sent to the old A45 at Levington to help ease congestion problems.

“From this time, no container vehicles will be allowed onto the port until Operation Stack is lifted unless they have a ticket,” said a port spokesman.

“Tickets can be obtained from the holding area on the old A45.

“Any vehicles arriving at the port without a ticket and valid VBS booking will be redirected either to its local yard or to the old A45.

“When conditions improve it is likely to take some time to clear all waiting vehicles – in view of this hauliers, travelling to the port are advised to delay their journey until normal operations resume.”