Weather: Snow to hold off for Christmas

SUB-ZERO temperatures are expected to reign over the Christmas period - but snow will return before the New Year, warn forecasters.

Experts had predicted that the snow would set in tomorrow, causing concern for those heading home for Christmas.

But Chris Bell, of WeatherQuest, said: “Things are unlikely to change much between now and Boxing Day, it will remain mainly dry with sharp frosts coming on Friday and Saturday night.

“Temperatures in the region could fall as low as -8C.”

He did concede that there could be light scatterings of snow falling in coming days but reassured readers there was little to worry about.

“There will be no amalgamation of any significance, and it should be okay getting home for Christmas.”

Mr Bell continued: “There is some interesting weather coming from Monday onwards, there will be a battle between the cold air that is over us now and the milder air that is currently over the Atlantic.”

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