When will primary school places be announced?

Parents in Suffolk and Essex will find out if their child has been offered their first choice primar

Parents in Suffolk and Essex will find out if their child has been offered their first choice primary school next month Picture: GETTY IMAGES/ ISTOCKPHOTO/ MONKEYBUSINESSIMAGES - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Last week, parents found out if their children had got into their first choice high school - next up it will be turn of those with children starting primary school this September.

On National Offer Day in 2019, 93.8% of parents in Suffolk got a place at their first-choice primary school, with 98.6% receiving an offer from one of their top three choices.

Whereas in Essex 89.38% of parents were given their first option with 95.5% of children being offered one of their top two schools.

When will the primary school places for Suffolk and Essex be announced this year?

The National Offer Day for primary school children is Thursday, April 16. Depending on the way you applied for your child's primary school place you should find out that day.

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We have covered this in more detail below.

How will you find out which primary school your child has been offered?

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Parents who applied online will be able to log on to their council's school admissions portal to find out what school their child has been offered.

They will also receive an email with details of the offer that has been made.

Those mums and dads who applied using a paper application form will be sent a letter confirming their offer - this will not arrive until after the National Offer Day.

What if you are not happy with the primary school your child has been offered?

If you are not happy with the primary school offer you have been given, there are three courses of action you can take.

-Firstly your child will automatically be added to your preferred school's waiting list

-You can appeal the decision

-You can apply for a different school

You can find an everything you need to know guide to primary school National offer day here. On Monday it was revealed 91.4% of children in Suffolk had received offers from their preferred high school. In Essex 85.4% of parents were offered their first choice.

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