GP surgery seeks feedback on potential closure and relocation

White House Surgery in Mildenhall. Picture: GOOGLE MAPS

White House Surgery in Mildenhall. Picture: GOOGLE MAPS - Credit: Archant

The White House Surgery in Mildenhall is set to close and relocate in a bid to meet the growing needs of an increasing patient population.

The surgery, in Market Place, is run by Reynard Surgery and Dr George Hopkinson, who are currently reviewing how they can use their resources as effectively as possible.

In order to achieve this, they are now inviting feedback from patients on their proposed closure and relocation.

Dr Hopkinson said that due to operational restrictions, safety issues and poor access, the practice team now has to consider whether it is in the best interests of both patients and staff to apply for the permanent closure of the building.

He added that the move is to help the surgery ensure that GPs and clinical staff use their time in the most beneficial way for all their patients, and that their services are provided in safe, well maintained buildings that are fit for purpose.

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Dr Hopkinson said: “Reynard Surgery provides primary healthcare services to all our patients no matter where they live, whether they are registered at our main surgery in Red Lodge or at our branch surgery in Mildenhall.

“We have provided services from the White House Surgery for many years, but the building is very old and its operational issues have prompted our plan to relocate our Mildenhall-based services to the new, modern and more accessible Mildenhall Hub.

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“Some of the current COVID-19 restrictions may ease over the coming months, but coupled with the building’s existing issues, they mean it will no longer be possible to maintain our normal quality of safe healthcare provision from the site.

“We would like to reassure patients that the Reynard Surgery building in Red Lodge comfortably provides space and safe facilities to continue supporting all our patient population, including those from Mildenhall and the surrounding areas, until there is additional service provision in place at the new Mildenhall Hub.”

White House Surgery has been temporarily closed since March 30 due to the government’s COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and are planning to move to the new Mildenhall Hub when it is completed.

The public engagement period will run between July 1 and August 4 2020.

More information can be found here.

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