Wife killer's appeal dismissed

A PENSIONER who shot his wife dead at the breakfast table has lost his appeal against conviction

A cold-hearted killer who shot dead his wife over breakfast after their marriage of 41 years hit the rocks has failed to convince top judges he was in the throes of a devastating mental illness at the time and did not bear full responsibility for his crime.

John Owen Walker, now 70, fetched a 12-bore shotgun from the gun cabinet of the family home at Great Bealings, near Woodbridge, blasting Glenda Walker, 63, "at point blank range" after loading it with a single cartridge.

Walker, whose wife had threatened divorce after discovering he was involved in a continuing affair, claimed he was driven to kill by mental instability and his spouse's abusive conduct.

But Lady Justice Hallett, dismissing Walker's conviction appeal today, said the jury had rejected both those claims, while the trial judge had branded Walker "hyprocritical, manipulative, deceitful and cold-hearted".

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