Woodbridge: Cold caller in dramatic doorstep rescue

A COLD caller has told how she dramatically rescued a woman who had fallen and injured herself in her home.

Joanne Rasmussen was out canvassing in Woodbridge for her pet food delivery business when she discovered a woman who was desperately waiting for help.

“I had knocked on the door and was just turning to leave when I caught sight of movement through the glass panel on the door,” said Mrs Rasmussen, 48, from Saxmundham.

“I said ‘hello, are you okay?’ and then a set of keys was pushed out through the door.

“I opened the door with the keys and a woman was lying against it.

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“I called to my husband, who was across the road, to help me get to her.

“We picked her up, sat her down, made her a cup of tea and found her daughter’s telephone number.”

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Mrs Rasmussen, who runs the east Suffolk franchise of the Oscar pet food delivery service with her husband Paul, 51, said the woman’s daughter came round to comfort her mother, who had suffered a bump to her head.

“She had fallen over and couldn’t get back up again. She had dragged herself to the door, hoping that someone would pass,” she said.

“I just did what anybody would have done. Thankfully the woman was not seriously hurt.”

The woman, who is thought to be in her mid-80s, is recovering from her ordeal at her home in tbe Bury Hill area of the town.

Mrs Rasmussen said she believed all cold callers were “tarred with the same brush” and that many companies legitimately and responsibly promoted their business through doorstep selling.

“We have recently taken on the franchise and we were out canvassing,” she said.

“We were basically trying to find people who had cats and dogs. If they didn’t, or if they weren’t interested, then we left straightaway.

“We also carried ID if anyone was unsure.”

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