Woodbridge: Proposals for a cycle track on Fen Meadow move a stage forward

PROPOSALS to create a cycling track on a popular area of open space have moved a step forward.

But there are concerns from some that Woodbridge Town Council’s plans for Fen Meadow could lead to a rise in anti-social behaviour near people’s homes. At a meeting earlier this week members agreed to progress a project to reinstate a cycle track similar to one that was on the site in the 1970s and 80s. They also voted in favour of seeking funding for the scheme.

Councillors were supportive of the project but recognised that people did have concerns – however they were confident this could be addressed through working with the police and various youth groups.

Woodbridge Town Council took over the management of Fen Meadow from Suffolk Coastal District Council last year and is now responsible for its upkeep.

Geoff Holdcroft, who is leading the cycle track project, said they had a good opportunity to draw on the enthusiasm generated by the recent Olympics and Tour of Britain.

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“There is an interest in cycling at the moment,” he said. “The time is now.”

He said the hope was to create a track similar to that in the 1970s and 80s when cycle speedway was at its peak for all ages to enjoy.

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His comments were echoed by mayor Charles Nottcut who said there “could hardly be a better time” for such a track. “One of the best ways of tackling anti-social behaviour is making sure youngsters have something positive to do,” he said. “I’m confident this is worthwhile.”

Diana Ball said she was happy to support the project as long as ways to tackle any anti-social behaviour were found.

The town council’s management of Fen Meadow has previously caused some concern – with many critical of the way it has cleared vegetation. David Adelson, chairman of the Friends of Fen Meadow, said yesterday that although some of the group were in favour of the cycle track, of those who had expressed a view, most were apprehensive with regards to anti social behaviour and vandalism.

He added that they had arranged a meeting with Mr Holdcroft to discuss the plans and hoped they would then be made public so the whole of Woodbridge could have its say.

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