Woodbridge Riverside cinema recruiting young programmers

Film programmer Neil McGlone at The Riverside in Woodbridge. After a good year in 2019 the cinema is

Neil McGlone, is looking to recruit young programmers to help broaden the films screened at The Riverside

Are you aged between 16-30? Do you love movies? Would you like the opportunity to help programme one of Suffolk’s leading independent cinemas and expand the breadth of the films on offer? If so, then the Riverside Cinema in Woodbridge would be delighted to hear from you.

The Riverside is launching a Young Programmers Initiative to help develop audiences at the Woodbridge venue but to also introduce younger film enthusiasts to the engaging (and sometimes challenging) world of film programming.

The group will be led, at first, by the Riverside’s programme manager Neil McGlone but he said that the venture will be a collaboration. “We want to hear what the new generation of film fans want to see up on the big screen. It will be a genuine dialogue. They will be responsible for programming a defined slot each month.

“You'll get the opportunity to pitch a film to the group that will then be screened at the cinema, which you will help market, promote via social media and other channels, then evaluate the film’s performance afterwards.

“The idea is that the group will get to understand how a cinema works. Everyone will become familiar with the intricacies of film booking. Just because you want to screen a particular film doesn’t mean you can always get the film you want on the date you want. Distributors have their own ideas and priorities and there may not always be a print available – or not one available for the price we are able to pay – which means that perhaps a film choice may have to be delayed until the rental terms are better.

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“On the other-hand, you may get your film on the first-time of asking, you may get the word out on social media to your friends and to a wider audience and before you know it, you may well have a sell-out on your hands. Hopefully, it will be a wonderful learning experience for us all.”

Neil said that after the first few sessions, the group will be in a position to run itself. They are also looking into the possibility of professional development workshops with the BFI and National Film Theatre. Anyone interested in applying should email riversideyoungprogrammers@gmail.com for an application form.

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