Why should I switch LPG supplier and save money?

AvantiGas have a 24/7 team dedicated to switching your LPG supplier Picture: AvantiGas

AvantiGas have a 24/7 team dedicated to switching your LPG supplier Picture: AvantiGas - Credit: AvantiGas

Did you know you can switch LPG supplier? Find out how.

We’ve all seen the adverts telling us to switch credit cards, car insurance and broadband supplier – but have you considered switching LPG supplier?

It’s quick, easy and can save you money. That’s more cash in the bank for that holiday, Christmas presents, or perhaps revamping your kitchen!

If you’re already using LPG you can switch LPG gas supplier as soon as your exclusivity period with your existing supplier has come to an end – and best of all, switching is free!

Since an order was passed in 2009, meaning all LPG suppliers have to allow customers to switch, you no longer need to uplift your existing tank and have a new one installed. Once you’ve chosen to switch, your current supplier and new supplier will liaise with each other, meaning there will be no disruption to your supply.

See – no fuss! And on average, according to one of the UK’s top LPG gas suppliers, AvantiGas, you could save up to £420 a year just by picking up the phone to switch. So what are you waiting for?


How does LPG gas work?

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LPG is the closest alternative to mains gas for those living in rural areas – including many parts of Suffolk, Norfolk and north Essex – and it’s a popular alternative to oil.

Unlike oil or other off-grid fuels, LPG can be used for heating and cooking and is the cleaner choice without compromising on power. It works with most conventional boilers and can therefore be highly energy efficient, especially when installed with a new A-rated condensing boiler, which could save you up to £305 per year.

Worried about running out of gas? You shouldn’t. Most suppliers have varying options for refilling your tank – whether you want to control this yourself by ordering when you reach your advised trigger level, to setting up an automated service where the supplier manages it all for you.


How easy is it to switch LPG supplier?

Once you’re out of your two year exclusivity contract you can shop around by contacting LPG suppliers directly for their best deals. Ask about other offers or service plans which could save you money. Once you’ve agreed a deal with your new LPG gas supplier, by signing the agreement you give permission for the new supplier to liaise with your existing supplier to switch. This could take some time to complete as it involves the transfer of tank ownership, but you’ll be notified as soon as you’ve switched over. The process won’t disrupt your supply and there’s no cost to you to switch to a new supplier.



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