Your horse is urinating too loudly

By Patrick LowmanA SCREAMING wife, a noisy bird's nest and a urinating horse are just some of the problems causing neighbourhood feuds in one part of Suffolk.

By Patrick Lowman

A SCREAMING wife, a noisy bird's nest and a urinating horse are just some of the problems causing neighbourhood feuds in one part of Suffolk.

Forget the usual rifts over loud music and late night parties, a number of residents in the Babergh district have issued some bizarre complaints over their neighbours' antics.

Perhaps the most unusual neighbourhood dispute which Babergh District Council has had to settle is when a woman complained about her neighbour's horse urinating too loudly.

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The council also received a request from one disgruntled resident who wanted her neighbour's laundry removed because it blocked her view.

There was also the man who complained about his own wife's shouting and the couple who said their neighbour's telephone was too loud.

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To coincide with next week's National Noise Awareness Day, Babergh District Council has revealed the 10 most bizarre noise complaints that it has received over the past 12 months. They were, in no particular order:

n Could you please remove a bird's nest in my garden as the noise is irritating.

n My neighbour has a horse in the field next to our house and the noise it makes when it urinates is unbearable.

n The man next door has a noisy lawn mower.

n Could you tell the lady next door to take her washing off the line as I can see it when I look out of my window and it spoils my view.

n On hearing a neighbour had applied for planning permission to remove an old rear extension on their property, environmental services received a call to ask if this could be done quietly.

n I can hear the telephone ringing in my neighbour's house, could you ask them to turn the ringer off?

n The man next door has a works van in his drive. I want it removed as it is reducing the value of my house.

n I can play my music really loud if I want as I own my property, it would be different if I were a council tenant.

n Could you tell my wife to stop shouting.

n The couple next door have their stereo on a timer so the music starts when they go out or go on holiday. Babergh officers will not be able to witness the noise as there is a hidden camera so the music switches off when you walk up the drive.

On a more serious note, the council is launching a campaign to reduce neighbour conflict over noise during the summer months.

Its technical officer, Heather Worton, said: “We are urging neighbours to work together to avoid anyone getting to the point where, rightly or wrongly, they think they have a cause to complain or may be subject of a complaint.

“A combination of common sense and tolerance is essential, especially during the warm summer weather.”

A Neighbours from Heaven checklist, giving tips on how to keep the peace with your neighbours, is included a new leaflet which will soon be available from Babergh District Council's headquarter's in Hadleigh or via its website at .

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