Rain for most of the day but still no snow

No snow for East Anglia but expect rain for today Picture: GETTY IMAGES/ISTOCK PHOTO

No snow for East Anglia but expect rain for today Picture: GETTY IMAGES/ISTOCK PHOTO

Rain will continue to plague East Anglia throughout the day with no signs of snow falling.

It’s been pretty bleak weather over the last few days in East Anglia with cold driving winds hitting the coast yesterday.

The cold might have been worth it if the weekend snow had arrived but the forecasted flurry never came.

And experts are not sure if the white stuff will be arriving this week either.

A spokesman for Weather Quest said: “Snow is not looking likely at the minute.

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“Temperatures across the region have not dropped low enough, they’ve been staying high and tomorrow we can expect more warm air.

“It’s not looking like snow, just rain.”

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As for today’s weather, early morning commuters will have been welcomed by the sorry sight of rain coming in from the west and sweeping towards the east.

These bands of rain will continue throughout the morning, with heavy showers, rumbles of thunder and possible even storms.

The wet weather will ease slightly heading into mid-morning as the rains are pushed towards Norfolk.

In the absence of rain, cloud and spots of sunshine will drift in during the early afternoon but those windy conditions from yesterday will die down.

Temperatures could reach 9-10C at this time if the sun decides to linger.

The evening will bring showers once again with the rain taking hold during the night and tomorrow morning.

Make sure you stay with us for all of your weather updates.

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