Ipswich Town first-team coach Lee Grant makes no secret of his ambition to one day be a manager in his own right.

The former Derby, Sheffield Wednesday and Burnley goalkeeper started doing some academy coaching during the latter stages of his career at Manchester United.

And after hanging up his gloves at the end of last season, Grant followed Kieran McKenna and Martyn Pert to Portman Road to take on a senior coaching role.

"On the outside it probably looks a bit of a strange one for a keeper to be coaching strikers, but it certainly doesn't feel like that for me and I hope it doesn't for the players," said Grant, who has an LMA Diploma in Football Management and is nearing the end of his UEFA Pro Licence, in an interview for premierleague.com.

East Anglian Daily Times: Former goalkeeper Lee Grant is coaching Ipswich Town's forwards.Former goalkeeper Lee Grant is coaching Ipswich Town's forwards. (Image: Ross Halls)

"I spent a long time working on how to stop the ball going into the net which gave me insights I can pass on to the forwards to help them combat keepers' mindsets. 

"Flipping things around and thinking about it from the opposite angle does make a lot of sense.

"I'd like to see more and more goalkeepers realising they've got the potential to go on and do things outside of the realm they exist in. I believe we have plenty to offer as outfield coaches.

"A lot of goalkeepers have that leadership gene where they love to coach, manage, drive and really push people on. I've always enjoyed that sort of role and for a long while I've been interested in management.

East Anglian Daily Times: Lee Grant is coming towards the end of his UEFA Pro Licence.Lee Grant is coming towards the end of his UEFA Pro Licence. (Image: Ross Halls)

"I set out with the goal of being a manager some years ago, so being here at Ipswich is a massively positive step on that journey.

"When I'll be ready for it I don't know, but right now I feel I'm on the right trajectory working under a massively talented and highly regarded young coach who blows my mind on a daily basis."