Wow. Another sensational week for Ipswich Town. Two sides in the top five came and left after barely laying a glove on us.

The game against Hull saw probably the best all-round performance I have seen from us for many a year. The football at times was just scintillating.

On the back of four changes too. Yes, it might have surprised a few to see George Edmundson and Marcus Harness starting, but I was disappointed to read a few negative comments.

I think that we have come to the point that if you are not a fan of trusting the process and decisions made by Kieran McKenna and his staff, then it is time to get off the ride and let the rest of us get on with it.

East Anglian Daily Times: Town fans are enjoying themselves at the moment!Town fans are enjoying themselves at the moment! (Image: PA Images)
We are on an incredible journey right now. One that 99% are taking in and rinsing it for all it is worth. Some fans of other clubs say our run will not last. They’re right. It won’t.

But do you go on holiday and after a couple of days worry that your good time is not going to last? Do you think more about coming home than getting on and enjoying your time?

Enjoy every minute of this. We had over twenty years of nightmares. Cherish the stuff that dreams are made of. As we head into another international break, we are living the dream right now.

Hull were lucky to leave Portman Road with just a 3-0 defeat. It was the complete performance.

And what about the skill from Vaclav Hladky to see off two Hull players to set up another move that led to Conor Chaplin’s goal. That came after a fine strike by Wes Burns, and Harness finished off yet another great move to seal the win.

McKenna explained after the game why Edmundson was selected. He articulated superbly why the decision was made. Analytical as ever and a great insight into how the players listen and take on board the precise instructions given to them.

A packed Portman Road was treated to another six goals against third-placed Preston. We really should not fear anyone now. More the point, I don’t think that we do.

It might not be right to say that Preston was the worst team to visit us so far this season, but they were perhaps the least football playing team. At times, they were cynical.

The foul on Brandon Williams by Liam Lindsay was shocking. And yet the Preston defender had the audacity to point to the ball after he had no intention of getting it.

East Anglian Daily Times: Conor Chaplin celebrates his goal against Preston with provider Leif DavisConor Chaplin celebrates his goal against Preston with provider Leif Davis (Image: PA Images)
What a superbly executed goal from Conor Chaplin, and the run and finish from Williams for the second was just sublime. Then there was the customary goal whilst I was in the toilet just before half-time from Nathan Broadhead.

And just when the game was drifting, all five of our substitutes combined which ended with Kayden Jackson’s goal. McKenna once again proved the tactical magician.

Over 29,000 in the ground again, reciprocating the effort of the players with huge efforts of our own. Portman Road is the place to be right now for entertainment.

So, how far can we go? I think back to Burnley last season. They ultimately won this league by ten points. It took them a while to get going too.

After 11 games, Burnley were on 18 points compared to our 28. They needed five more games to surpass what we have already. We have won 31% of the number of games that they had gained all last season.

There are no guarantees that we will be rewarded similarly. But who would back against us right now?

A neutral could ask if we can sustain our intensity for 46 games. Yes, we are squeezing every drop of  energy and commitment from all 11 to 16 players that represent us each game.

East Anglian Daily Times: Fans greet Conor Chaplin off the Town team bus before the gameFans greet Conor Chaplin off the Town team bus before the game (Image: PA Images)
But it is not the same 16 players. This is not prime Aston Villa 1980/81 when they used only 13 players to win the league.

We have around 25 players to share the workload between. All have proved they are capable as those who have only played in the league cup so far have proved their worth.

These are special times indeed.