What a farce Friday turned out to be. Many of us had our doubts during the morning that the game would go ahead.

Sure, Rotherham declared that there was no problem with their playing surface. But matters outside the ground were getting worse by the hour.

Once it was announced that Rotherham Central train station was closed due to flooding, that sounded the alarm bells.

The first mode of transport for Ipswich fans to travel to the game was closed off. You then just had to fear the worst for those travelling by road.

East Anglian Daily Times: Fans always seem to be the last consideration in situations like FridayFans always seem to be the last consideration in situations like Friday (Image: Steve Waller)
Over 2,000 Ipswich fans were due to travel and had it been for any other reason, not many would have bothered leaving home.

However, whilst there was the tiniest possibility that the game might go ahead, fans would simply try and get there.

Once it became clear that some of the club coaches were not going to be available, my cynical mind started to work overtime.

I wondered if, had the game not been scheduled to be screened live on Sky, would we have had an earlier decision?

The fact that it was finally postponed at around 5pm was too late for many fans. But, as sure as water is wet, fans are the last people to be considered in these matters.

Still, it was nice of one of our local TV sports bulletins to talk about our chance of going back to the top of the league should we win at Rotherham that evening!

Some have said to me that it was maybe a blessing that the came was postponed with injuries to Wes Burns and Freddie Ladapo keeping them out.

East Anglian Daily Times: Kieran McKenna's men haven't played for two weeksKieran McKenna's men haven't played for two weeks (Image: Ross Halls)
It was also said that Ipswich don’t normally do well at cold, wet, northern away games.

But that was the Ipswich of old. This new Ipswich could have gone there and won. As for the injuries, who knows how well we will be in that department for when the game is rescheduled.

And I do not think those that did travel will claim that it was much of a blessing being called off!

For the second weekend in a row, it left us without a game. And little damage was done on Saturday afternoon to our position.

Preston drew which was helpful. And had Norwich held on for a draw against Leeds, it would have been an even better afternoon for us.

The table still looks very healthy from our perspective. Onto Bristol City on Wednesday evening and a first return to Ashton Gate for Mark Ashton since leaving them to come to Ipswich.

It would naturally be great to chalk up another win on the road. But this one has extra spice for sure.

East Anglian Daily Times: Mark Ashton returns to Bristol City with Town this weekMark Ashton returns to Bristol City with Town this week (Image: Ross Halls)
City fans flooded Ipswich forums with deep criticism of Ashton. They still do. They told us how quickly everything would go wrong. We’re still waiting on that front. I wonder how much Mark would dearly love to win this one.

Then on Saturday, Plymouth return to Portman Road. I thought that they were the best side to visit us last season. Yet they only left with a draw thanks to a late, deflected equaliser.

They have not made anywhere near the start to the season that I expected them to and currently sit one place outside the bottom three.

I think that this is an excellent time to play them, but still expect yet another difficult game. Maybe with not as many goals that we have become accustomed to.

Finally this week, there was sad news on Saturday regarding the passing of Sir Bobby Charlton.

It was only last week when I started the long journey of my next project (yes, hopefully my next book), that during research, I found out an interesting fact linking Charlton.

East Anglian Daily Times: Fans paying tribute to Sir Bobby Charlton at Old Trafford Fans paying tribute to Sir Bobby Charlton at Old Trafford (Image: PA Images)
It was on Wednesday, November 22, 1961, that the first-ever Ipswich player represented England.

Striker Ray Crawford appeared in a 1-1 draw against Northern Ireland in a Home International Championship tie played at Wembley.

And in the 20th minute, it was Crawford who would provide the pass for Charlton to score England’s goal. Rest in peace, Sir Bobby.