Ipswich Town manager Kieran McKenna admits Financial Fair Play rules are making it difficult for the club to be as 'aggressive in the market' as they would like.

The Blues, sitting second in the Championship table after 28 games, have a wonderful opportunity to secure back-to-back promotions to the Premier League.

Striker recruits are badly needed though following a long-term injury suffered by George Hirst, the loan recall of Dane Scarlett and Freddie Ladapo being loaned out to Charlton

Ipswich are understood to be trying to thrash out seven-figure deals for Sam Gallagher (Blackburn) and Ali Al-Hamidi (AFC Wimbledon) ahead of the transfer window closing at 11pm next Thursday.

McKenna said there was 'nothing new to report' on the club's striker search at this afternoon's press conference and that 'limitations within Financial Fair Play have reduced the market that we can attract players from'.

Given the club is backed by a $13billion US pension pot, is selling out Portman Road each week and has enjoyed record shirt sales, is the Blues boss frustrated that such financial restrictions are in place?

“Of course there is a little bit of frustration there - I think there are lots of managers at different clubs that would attest to that," he replied. "That’s not just in the Championship. You’re seeing it in the league above too. 

“There are very real limitations on what you can spend and the losses that you can make in any given year. That makes it a real challenge, certainly for a club in our position, to be as aggressive in the market as you would like to be.

"We're competing, of course, against clubs that come into the season with squads on a different level and with the addition of (parachute) payments on top of that. 

"It is what it is. Everyone is aware of the rules. I do think at some point in time they will change, if I’m honest. That’s my perspective on it. They will be adjusted. 

“Within the club there’s a good understanding and shared acceptance this is the position we’re in. Our focus is on just making the very, very best of what we can."

Asked if any deals were close, the Blues boss said: "There’s nothing going to be done by tomorrow that’s for sure. 

“We’re still hopeful that we’re going to add to the squad by next week. We feel like we need to. I know the club will do everything they can to make that happen. 

"Losing George (Hirst) heightens the need to add in a certain position, but the January window is not an easy one. Most players who would be attractive to us are either important at their current clubs or attractive to a lot of other clubs as well. 

“You always want to do things as early as you can in each transfer window, especially in January. I’m pleased that we managed to do Jeremy (Sarmiento) and Lewis (Travis) early and that they’ve already had an impact on the team. Now we’re going to have to keep working hard up until the very last day of the window to add in other areas."

Explaining why the January window can be problematic, the Blues boss added: “There are so many different factors, honestly. It wouldn’t be right to explain each individual situation, but players we’ve been interested in over a course of months can get injured at the end of December and then your list changes. Other clubs suddenly want to keep their players, some want to bring in players before they let players go. There’s a whole host of factors that you’re not in control of. 

“We just have to do everything we can within our means. That’s all you can do. You hope that, within that, we can attract some players that can help us."

On whether he enjoys this part of the job, McKenna replied: “Look, my deepest passion is for coaching and improving players. My focus will always be with the players within the building and trying to improve and get the best out of them. 

“But part of trying to develop a football club as a manager is to continually analyse the squad and look at ways you can improve it where possible.

"We’ve made some good decisions in that regard over the last two years. Not every move you make is going to work out, but you want to have a process that you follow and make decisions in a rational way. You make decisions both to have a short-term impact, but also ones that will help and protect the club in the longer-term. That’s how we continue to work.

"There’s full agreement on that from all stakeholders within the club. We have a full understanding of where we’re at and what we can and cannot do. We’re working together on it in a good way and were hopeful we’ll be able to add to the squad in the way we want to."