Are you all set for another nerve-racking rollercoaster of a day? I’m still recovering from Friday, and tomorrow the twists and turns will again last from lunchtime until late into the evening.

Leicester kick off their home clash against the Canaries at 12.30pm, we have our teatime game against Southampton, then Leeds take on Hull tomorrow evening. There’s absolutely no time to relax...

Ultimately, of course, it turned out to be a very Good Friday but, blimey, how nervy was it? I tried to occupy myself gardening during Leicester’s early game at Bristol City but, in truth, was checking my phone every few minutes.

Then it was our game at Blackburn. Let’s be honest - it was a bit of a horror show with a very positive ending. That second half must be the worst we’ve played all season.

East Anglian Daily Times: It wasn't pretty, but Friday's win at Blackburn was huge!It wasn't pretty, but Friday's win at Blackburn was huge! (Image: Pagepix)
I was convinced it was going to be a repeat of the late, late Cardiff collapse. But, to be fair, although we had disappeared as an attacking force, we did defend pretty well.

I had to chuckle when big Cameron Burgess was sent on in injury time, specifically to defend a corner in the absence of Kieffer Moore. In desperation, the pragmatic spirit of Mick McCarthy is alive and well!

But it worked, and we grabbed three vital points. We were very lucky. On another day, Conor Chaplin’s half-hit shot is fielded easily by the keeper, and one of the three disallowed goals is wrongly allowed to stand. But we’ll take it and move on!

It’s been 60 years since I was forced to cower behind the sofa because TV was so scary, when the Daleks first appeared on Doctor Who. I tell you what - there were times during that game when it seemed a good idea!

Then, I rounded off Friday by watching Leeds at Watford. As we all know, their draw kept us top for the Easter weekend. How many times have you grabbed a sneaky look at the league table?

It all meant that our three promotion rivals had dropped points and we had scrapped our way to a scruffy but invaluable win.

I suppose strange results after an international break are to be expected, when you think about it. By definition, the stronger teams will have more call-ups, therefore more disruption, more travel, more risk of injuries. Whereas the weaker sides will enjoy a chance to recharge their batteries. Hence the topsy turvy Friday results.

East Anglian Daily Times: Kieran McKenna enjoys going top of the table at BlackburnKieran McKenna enjoys going top of the table at Blackburn (Image: Pagepix Ltd)
We were forced to leave out our best defender, Cameron Burgess (apart from his last-gasp cameo) because of jet lag, and Kieffer Moore was on his knees after an hour at Blackburn because he’d played for more than two hours for Wales against Poland only three days before. We missed him massively when he was substituted.

So, on to tomorrow. What a huge one it promises to be. What will the table look like at 10pm, after all the games have been played? We know what we’re hoping for, but what will actually happen?

I know what Kieran McKenna will say - we will just focus on our game, and not worry about what’s happening elsewhere. Of course that’s very sensible advice, but it’s also rather easier said than done!

I will be delighted if we’re still top once the dust has settled. Then, of course, we. move on to Carrow Road for an almighty battle with the in-form Canaries. How big is that?

I posed the big question to Town fans on social media - can we bring ourselves to support Norwich for 90 minutes and hope they beat Leicester at lunchtime tomorrow?

East Anglian Daily Times: Terry says he wants to see Norwich beat Leicester City tomorrowTerry says he wants to see Norwich beat Leicester City tomorrow (Image: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd)
I got loads of responses, and was gobsmacked by the number of Ipswich supporters who just cannot bring themselves to want Norwich to win. Lots will grudgingly accept a draw.

I have to say, that’s daft. Surely we absolutely want Norwich to beat Leicester? Being very honest, I would love the Canaries to win 6-0, to bring Leicester’s goal difference closer to ours!

Right, let’s try to stay calm, and attempt to enjoy the nine and a half hour rollercoaster ride that today represents. There will definitely be ups and downs, twists and turns. Let’s hope Easter Monday ends as happily as Good Friday.