It is only in the calm of Tuesday morning that I can step out of my head spin from the storm of the night before and humbly write of that ending. What an enchanted Portman Road night that proved to be!

But the bigger picture first. Ahead of the Blackburn game, I compartmentalised our remaining eight games into four blocks of two, each with one game at home and one away.

Win the home game and draw the away game, I thought. That would take us to 97 points. The question was then, would that be enough?

The first block of two is now behind us, with six points already in the bag. For the first time in seven years, we claimed a perfect Easter.

It was a very Good Friday at Blackburn, bettered by a brilliant bank holiday Monday. It was wins over Burton Albion and Newcastle United when we last achieved such a feat in 2017.

East Anglian Daily Times: Conor Chaplin got the winner on Good FridayConor Chaplin got the winner on Good Friday (Image: Pagepix Ltd)
I will get the negatives out of the way first. Even then, it is harsh to be critical. For much of that game at Blackburn, we were not at the races in terms of our easy-on-the-eye football.

But we have a plan B these days. And that was to dig in and grind out a result. It was a hard watch in the second half.

Yet we prevailed through tenacity and that never-say-die spirit that we have so much of in our armoury.

As for Southampton, they were one of the best teams to come to Portman Road this season – if not the best.

At 2-1 down, nobody saw our finish on the horizon. It would have been so easy to allow thoughts of an incoming defeat to dominate the mind. But then there were substitutions to be made.

And for the umpteenth time this season, I repeat, you do not turn your back on these boys. Broadhead scored and despite the possession-based stats, only one team was going to go on and win this game.

East Anglian Daily Times: Jeremy Sarmiento's winner prompted incredible scenes at Portman RoadJeremy Sarmiento's winner prompted incredible scenes at Portman Road (Image: Steve Waller)
I am in my 46th season of watching Town. I cannot recall a moment like the feeling that enveloped us all when Jeremy Sarmiento scored.

Maybe only bettered by Jim Magilton’s 90th minute equaliser against Bolton in the 2000 play-off semi-final. Limbs does not do the moment justice.

In these situations, I have two worries. One, don't lose my glasses as the drive home could not then happen.

Second, my daughter’s safety. She is a very small 17-year-old. Yet there we were, row b of the lower Sir Bobby Robson tier with a bird's-eye view of Sarmiento’s goal. 

I look back to the moment and do not remember the subsequent noise. I just see the sights in slow motion.

East Anglian Daily Times: Ipswich Town's fairytale season continues!Ipswich Town's fairytale season continues! (Image: Steve Waller)
My mate next to me has lost his hat, big Gav behind has come flying over the top of us, another mate HAS lost his glasses, and I am being pulled in four different directions.

I felt like being in a spin cycle of a washing machine. My heart rate climbed above 160bpm and when it came to a stop, I was more breathless than I was after my 15k run earlier in the day.

Then I looked around and saw looks of disbelief etched on so many faces and my son on his knees with exhaustion. It is a good job the final whistle went so soon after.

It took forever to leave the ground. Of course, nothing has been achieved yet.

But that was a moment that you just had to remain for as long as possible to soak up, to bottle up, and to pinch yourself that once again, it really happened. The day was sweet.

A play-off place was mathematically confirmed, as was the fact that Norwich cannot finish above us.

East Anglian Daily Times: Leif Davis was brilliant against the SaintsLeif Davis was brilliant against the Saints (Image: Steve Waller)

And that brings me onto them. New feelings will overtake current ones as the week progresses. Nerves will start to kick in for Saturday’s game. Thoughts of them turning us over will start to materialise.

But Kieran McKenna has an unbelievable Midas touch. If anyone can mastermind a long overdue victory against them, then it is him. He knows exactly what we need after all.

Until then, enjoy Monday’s win for all you can. I am off to watch that Sarmiento goal again. He’s magic, you know...